Rolling Thunder was a famous UK indoor skatepark in Brentford, West London from 1978-79.

The level of skateboarding talent that could be found there at the time was on a par with the leading Americans of the day (read the intro in the famous interview with Marc Sinclair and Jeremy Henderson).

Other Regulars John Sablosky, Robbie Hunter, Jingles, Shabam, Jules Gayton, Neil Harding, Simon Napper and so many others, frequently blew minds.

Below you will see some of the photos and articles of this famous skatepark. This page is pay homage to that park and era and the skaters that inspired the next generation of British skaters.

Derek ‘Jingles’ Jhingoree

Marc Sinclair

Jeremy Henderson

John Turner – Photo: TLB

Derek ‘Jingles’ Jhingoree – Photo: TLB

Mark Maunders – Photo: TLB

“Made so many friends at the thunder. The pole bowl was the hot spot where all gnarly and locals would session there new found rad tricks. It was really competitive.  Rolling thunder had tons of bowls made from marblight cement , smooth with bad transitions back in the day. No perfect symmetry on the trannies like our days.  The pole bowl was loved the bad transition on one side which had no coping progressive flat transition with a straight bit of vert which overhang   Perfect for popping  air and anything thing else on gnarly quick to very tranny. So many fond memories of my that end of 70s rad skate park. Roll on thunder”

Mark “Floater” Maunders

John Sablosky

Jules Gayton – Photo: James Cassimus

Good times at Rolling Thunder, learnt handplants in the halfpipe, many great Pole Bowl sessions after working at the Benjyboard warehouse during the day with Jules, Neil, Jingles, Jeremy and co. Brian and Beany were the masters of the park – Rodga Harvey

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