Rolling Thunder Supply co the No. 1 global supplier of branded complete Skateboards to the specialty market.

Focused on improving the entry level skateboards with multiple brands, styles and price points with the aim of growing skateboarding globally

With almost 100 years of experience between us in skateboarding

we are focused on……

• Making Skateboards that work for all levels of distribution and price points

• Delivering brand names at affordable prices

• Supporting the People/Shops/Skate camps and skate schools that are dedicated to growing skateboarding for everyone.

Rolling Thunder Supply co.

Discovering Skateboarding at 9 years old changed my life, it gave me purpose it gave me goals it gave me a direction, and for that I am forever grateful. I used to arrive early at Crystal place and teach younger kids how to skate. I later worked at skate camps in the US with Bod Boyle, Lee Ralph where camp skaters included Jovante Turner, Mike Carroll, Matt Hensley and Filmer maker Jake Rosenberg and many others

My first skateboard like the majority of others I have talked to over the years (80%+) was NOT from a skateshop but a sporting goods store, once I got my board I met up with other skaters I found out there were shops that only sold skateboards, I will never forget my first time in a skate shop in Watford outside of London, I was amazed and hooked.

Today many of the global sporting goods shops carry skateboards and most are awful, unrideable and downright dangerous. To me, what’s even more scary and sad is that some of the people who buy these skateboards could have been potential World class skaters, but are stopped before they get a chance and lose interest, this breaks my heart.

This is why rolling Thunder has started, we are focused on improving the entry level skateboards for all, we want to get more people skating young and old, Girl and boys.

Whats in the name

Rolling Thunder was as a famous indoor skatepark in West London the late 70’s, we used to go and skate but just as important WATCH, the talent level at the time was on par with the Americans with Marc Sinclair, Jeremy Henderson, John Sablosky, Robbie Hunter (my major Influence) Jingles, Shabam, Jules Gayton and so many others.

We support the brands

It would have been easier and cheaper to make no name skateboards and not paying licensing %, but we are focused on brands and heritage current or past that have a rich history and that % is going back to support the brands.

Our goal is to support the people/Shops, entities that are dedicated to pushing skateboarding forward, skate camps teaching skateboarding.

The Future

Skateboarding is going to feature in the Olympics in 2021 for the first time, whether you agree or disagree, its going in and we cannot change that, we at Rolling Thunder believe that could be the biggest push for new skateboarders we have ever seen. If this is the case we want to make sure that the entry level skateboards are as good as they can be so young kids have the ability to have something extremely positive in their life and the skate shops get good branded products at affordable prices and an influx of new customers.

Skateboarding and skateboards NOT ONLY saved my life but gave me direction in my life. Doing Rolling Thunder and focusing on the first-time customers, I hope it becomes my most important contribution to skateboarding I have ever had.

We believe this focus will benefit ALL the skate industry, core stores, larger retailers, skate parks, skate schools and most importantly the new skateboarder.

Steve Douglas