Rolling Thunder Supply Co. announces a new partnership with Make Life Skate Life to provide much needed facilities for emerging skate communities by building skateparks around the world. To kick start the collaboration, Rolling Thunder has committed to building a skatepark in 2021 followed by another in 2022. The focus will be on supporting new and under resourced skate communities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The locations of the two new skateparks will be announced during 2021.

Steve Douglas backside disaster in 1989 © Mike John

Make Life Skate Life takes their passion for building skateparks to locations lacking an infrastructure for skateboarding—teaching skate communities around the world how to build their own facilities. These activities give the locals vital knowledge for future projects and the development of their scenes. After building their first skatepark in India, the locals, equipped with new skills and inspiration, went on to build over 20 skateparks throughout the country… just incredible.

Rolling Thunder Supply Co. is proud to partner with organisations through product and financial contributions to help build inclusive, grass roots skateboarding globally. The company helps to facilitate the long term growth of skateboarding by planting as many seeds as possible for new generations of skateboarders. “By supporting and partnering with Make Life Skate Life, we feel confident we are doing our part to strengthen the future of skateboarding around the world,” said Steve Douglas, President of Rolling Thunder Supply Co.

Steve Douglas © Rolling Thunder Supply Co.

In addition to funding skatepark construction, the partnership with Make Life Skate Life will help to grow Rolling Thunder Supply Co’s existing collaboration with The Heart Supply. Rolling Thunder Supply Co. works on a global level with The Heart Supply #GiveSkateboarding program to “get skateboards under kids’ feet”. This collaboration is already providing free complete skateboards to skate communities in need around the world. The new skateparks will present more opportunities for Rolling Thunder Supply Co. to provide free completes directly to developing skate communities.

As the leading global supplier of complete skateboards to the specialty market, Rolling Thunder Supply Co. is focused on improving the quality of skateboard completes through multiple brands, styles and price points. The company is founded and run by lifelong skaters with decades of experience in skateboarding, brand building, global distribution and delivering quality products.